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Collaboration with Nipro

TC BioPharm seals Japan deal for cancer treatment

Angela Scott

Angela Scott: ‘successful treatments’

Scottish bioscience firm TC BioPharm has forged a collaboration with a Japanese company to develop a cancer treatment.

The three-year-old Edinburgh company will work with Nipro Corporation of Osaka which will provide funds and research support and will have exclusive right to sell and distribute TCB’s products worldwide.

TCB’s chief operating officer, Angela Scott, said:  “Since commencing operations in 2014, we have treated numerous cancer patients successfully.” 

Preclinical studies developing the product will be supported by a Scottish Enterprise ‘seek-and-solve’ grant which will provide £2.7m of additional non-dilutive funding.

TCB has been active over the last 12 months raising more than $35m cash, sealing long-term commercial relationships with a potential combined pre-market income of over $1bn. The Nipro collaboration is thelatest such deal, representing a joint effort to build a significant immune-oncology business in Japan and Asia.

Jim Watson, director of innovation & enterprise services at Scottish Enterprise, said: “This particular grant is designed to encourage investment in R&D and inspire Scottish companies to partner with international players to expand market reach.

“It’s fantastic to see a pre-revenue company like TCB collaborating with Nipro. TCB’s strong international mindset will help the company reap benefits of this collaboration – both in terms of financial support and the market knowledge that Nipro brings to the table. 

“The seek-and-solve project will allow TCB to accelerate a route to market, meaning potentially quicker returns for the Scottish economy, helping establish TCB as a global leader in cancer-specific cell therapies.” 

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