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Owners of a threatened poultry processing plant near Glasgow are offering redeployment for 450 workers

The 2 Sisters Group said the 55-year-old factory at Cambuslang “has significant challenges to meet the latest standards we require”.

The company insisted it would look to redeploy staff to other sites if the summer closure plan goes head.

Another 450 jobs are believed to be under threat at 2 Sisters plants in Smethwick and Wolverhampton.

The company said: “We will offer affected colleagues the opportunity to take up roles at our other sites in Scotland, which we will convert from agency to permanent roles. In addition, we will also seek redeployment of colleagues to our other sites offering roles to anyone willing to travel or relocate to another factory.

“We are committed to our operations in Scotland and will work hard to ensure all possible options for colleagues are fully explored before any final decisions are made.”

The company said it would be creating up to 1,000 jobs within the poultry supply chain across the UK.

Scot Walker, Unite convener at the plant, said: “Obviously we are dismayed at the news of the possible closure. But it is far too early to accept that this is the final word. Unite will do everything in negotiation with the company to find a way to safeguard the future of the site and protect the jobs. What’s at stake are more than 450 jobs and the future of the local community.”

On the offer of redeployment, he said: “The company are saying that staff can be redeployed to other sites run by the company – like Coupar Angus. That is not a viable alternative which dictates the necessity of fighting to save the plant in Cambuslang.”

Regarding the fabric of the factory he said: “The company say there are problems with the ageing plant. That’s hardly a surprise. I’ve worked there for 30 years and there hasn’t been a brass farthing spent on the place in any real sense for decades. You might say it looks like those particular chickens are coming home to roost.”

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