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BQ scraps quarterly magazine in digital push

BQ magazine

Quarterly no more: BQ will stop producing its magazine

BQ, the business media group, is scrapping its quarterly magazine to refocus around digital publishing.

In a statement it said its audience has demanded that more of its content is made available online.

Its print portfolio will concentrate on specific sectors “dedicated to subjects of economic importance”.

It is the latest revamp for the company, based in north east England. Last March it scaled back the separate English editions of its magazines which are sold on subscription and are usually available in company reception areas.

Four English regional editions were combined into a single edition and expanded to cover Wales, London and the South East.

After the Spring editions it says “we’ll no longer be publishing our quarterly general interest magazine, as we strengthen our focus towards those subjects that really matter to business.”

The company will address its ‘live’ content and says the digital switch is “another landmark in the growth of the BQ brand”.

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