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Beattie gives voice to ‘world first’ radio show

Beattie voice

Voice control: Daniela Young and Adam Christie launch ‘world first’ radio service

Beattie, the communications agency, has launched what it claims is the world’s first radio show focusing exclusively on voice marketing and voice technology. 

Hosted by Adam Christie and Daniela Young, the fortnightly Beattie Voice Show highlights how voice technology is changing the way we live, work and play.

The first episode focuses on how voice is revolutionising Google’s search marketing function and how millions of consumers are already using voice to buy goods, order pizza and check our bank balances.

Mr Christie, digital studio head, said: “More than 20% of all information searches on Google are already conducted by voice.

“Believe it or not, consumers are streets ahead of most brands when it comes to using voice for buying goods and controlling their heat and lighting on devices such as Alexa and for searches on their mobile phones. 

“Brands need to waken up to the voice revolution. Websites that are not optimised for voice will be struck dumb as consumers migrate from typing to voice commands on their mobile phones and lap tops.”

Ms Young, head of voice search at Beattie, added: “Convenience is what’s driving millions of consumers to switch to voice.

“It’s quicker to speak than to type. In other words, it saves time and time is one of our most precious resources.

“It will be the brands that immerse themselves in voice marketing and voice technology today that will dominate tomorrow.”


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