Most of founders now departed

Griffiths latest to leave games unicorn FanDuel

All the founders has now left the company

Another of the founding members of FanDuel has left the company as the fantasy sports games company reshapes it management.

Tom Griffiths, chief product officer, announced on Twitter that it was “time to move on” after “an incredible eight year journey”.

He is starting a new venture in artificial intelligence and workplace learning, probably in New York where FanDuel is now headquartered.

He recently signed up to Tech:NYC, a nonprofit member organisation that represents New York City’s growing technology sector.

FanDuel announced that Andy Giancamilli will become chief operating officer as well as chief financial officer and will absorb Mr Griffiths’ responsibilities by overseeing product and product operations teams in addition to financial operations, corporate financing, and company strategy.

Mr Griffiths is the latest of the five founders of FanDuel to step down from the company they launched in Edinburgh in 2009.

Mr Griffiths is credited with moving the company from a cash-strapped predictions game to a paid-entry platform.

VP of technology Chris Stafford left in 2016 followed by CEO Nigel Eccles in December and his wife Lesley, who left the board, in September.

Rob Jones, European Vice President, design & customer experience, left before Christmas.

Tom Griffiths tweet

Attention had focused on the future of Mr Griffiths following a number of layoffs, revealed last month. Most were on the product side and emerged as new CEO Matt King rebuilds the company.

Mr Griffiths had already left the board with Mrs Eccles who stepped down as executive vice-president and head of acquisition marketing in July 2016.

The board was restructured following the sale of equity to a number of private equity investors, including KKR and Shamrock Holdings.


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