Games tycoons return to Edinburgh

FanDuel founders reunite to launch Flick

Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones

Nigel Eccles and Rob Jones: reunited in new venture

Two of FanDuel’s co-founders, former chief executive Nigel Eccles, and product designer Rob Jones, have announced their latest business venture.

Flick is a new platform for the esports and gaming market and will see the pair return to Edinburgh where they launched fantasy sports company FanDuel, now headquartered in New York.

The new business provides a new way for gamers to share and watch gaming content with their friends and has an estimated market of 665 million worldwide participants who currently watch gaming video content.

This is predicted to continue rising thanks to the explosion of esports. Flick gives them an entirely new way of experiencing this content – live, social and interactive.

Mr Eccles left FanDuel in November and becomes CEO of the new venture, while Mr Jones, who takes on the role of chief product officer, said: “Whilst the esports market is still relatively young, it is growing fast and we feel there is a huge opportunity there.

“We know we work well together and have already proven we have the capability to build a global business from here in Scotland. For this new company we plan to leverage Scotland’s deep expertise in video game development.”

All five founders of FanDuel left the company which they built into a “unicorn” business – valued at $1 billion – but is now controlled by new investors brought in to shore up the company following its failed merger with rival Boston-based DraftKings.

The company announced an undisclosed number of redundancies last year but still has significant presence in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

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