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Exports surge

Asia developing taste for Mackies ice cream

Farm produce: Mackies’ sales in Asia are soaring

Scottish ice cream firm Mackies has seen a surge in exports and is on track to record major growth in the Asian market.

Building primarily on past success in Taiwan and Korea, the company is now projecting a year-on-year increase in ice cream export sales, which in 2018 are forecast to deliver £1m in revenue.

Taiwan is raising its order of three shipping containers to 14, while Korea has already placed an order of eight containers for delivery in 2018. 

Exporting ice cream can be challenging and most of the Asian orders are shipped via specialised 40-feet refrigerated containers, which spend around six weeks on the open-seas, with a large container packed with over 20,000 litres of ice cream leaving the Aberdeenshire farm most weeks. 

Ivan Jefford, export director, said: “Mackie’s has been exporting ice cream to the Asian market for a number of years now – and it is also popular in UAE and Abu Dhabi.

“Korea has been our main success until recently. But we’ve now seen a spike in demand from Taiwan, which is very positive.  

“Scottish produce really is prized in Asia thanks to a lot of amazing work by the wider national food and drink industry.”

Mac Mackie, managing director said Japan is looking positive for 2019.

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