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Glasgow firm fund raising

£60k crowd fund bid by Yatter platform

Richard NormanA social media scheduling start-up is embarking on a first round fundraising exercise to widen its investor base and take it to the next stage of development. 

Glasgow-based Yatter, which wants to raise £60,000, claims to have a unique “collaborative scheduling” facility which also enables organisations using it to partner with one another and gain a preview of social media posts.

Managing director, Richard Norman (pictured), said: “Yatter is not just a tool, but has a chat feature that is tailored for discussions about content and allows sharing of media and links between partners.

“It provides a tailored staging zone where partners can preview, tune and work together on content before it is deployed to the wider internet.”

The platform is already operational and so far has been funded in-house. The £60,000 investment being sought alongside crowd-funding operators, Seedrs, will enhance marketing and help the company increase its user base, reach key influencers and affiliates and strengthen the platform.

The investment qualifies for the Government’s Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) and brings with it substantial tax advantages to investors,



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