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RBS accused of ‘misleading’ data over closures

RBS branch

RBS: accused of issuing misleading data

Royal Bank of Scotland has been accused of using misleading figures to justify the closure of 62 banks in Scotland. 

SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford said RBS is only publishing the number of customers who visit every week of the year, rather than the total number of transactions at each branch. 

In a House of Commons debate Mr Blackford said: “RBS have at best, been misleading with the figures. According to RBS, there are only 11 customers using the Mallaig branch on a weekly basis; 27 visiting Beauly on the same basis and 51 using Kyle.

Mr Blackford produced figures showing that Mallaig has 1,001 customers with 10,098 transactions. Kyle has 2,436 customers with 25,000 transactions. Beauly has 3,439 customers with 29,000 transactions. 

“There are almost 7,000 customers in my constituency of Ross, Skye and Lochaber that rely on RBS providing banking services. Many of these will be joint accounts so the number of people affected will be even greater.

“RBS has also been economical with the truth when representing the expected number of redundancies in these branches by failing to account for part-time staff.

“The figure RBS issued in relation to job losses was 685 UK-wide, however this only represents the full-time equivalent redundancy impact.

“The actual job losses is much higher, 1,446 UK wide, including many high quality, part-time jobs in rural areas with little prospect of redeployment. This is obviously likely to have a disproportionate effect in rural areas, disproportionately affecting women who are more likely to hold part time positions.

“There will be customers that have banked with RBS for decades, perhaps generations and RBS are now pulling out of town.

“I received the numbers of transactions from RBS two weeks ago and I have asked repeatedly to be given the relevant figures for all the branches in Scotland earmarked for closure.

“RBS have so far refused to release these figures. This is not good enough.”

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