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Expansion for payments system

iZettle takes Scots tech into nine markets

Jacob de Geer and Robin Knox

Robin Knox (right) with iZettle founder Jacob de Geer (photo by Terry Murden)

iZettle, the electronic payments company, has today launched iZettle Pro, formerly known as intelligentPoS, into nine European markets.

IntelligentPoS was created in Edinburgh and was sold last year to its Swedish rival which has rebranded the technology.

iZettle Pro, which is now available in the UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Mexico and Spain, is used by cafes, restaurants and pubs in the UK.

Users include Scottish Gin 71, Edinburgh Beer Factory, Underbelly’s Edinburgh Christmas Festival and The Elephant House.

Robin Knox, co-founder of intelligentPoS and now managing director at iZettle Edinburgh, said: “Since we were acquired by iZettle last autumn we’ve been going great guns.

“Joining the company gave us the resources needed to export our product internationally. We haven’t seen any other Scottish start-up export internationally at such a fast rate.”

In addition to the market expansion the team has also grown by 30, taking the headcount to 70 in Scotland and more than 100 in the UK in total.

Mr Knox said: “We hope to add another 10 to the team in the new year.”

iZettle acquired Edinburgh based startup intelligentPoS in August 2016. It rebranded as iZettle in early 2017 and later changed its product name to iZettle Pro in  October 2017.

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