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Ranking for company creation

Edinburgh in top four startup cities

Edinburgh ranked highly for quality of life (photo of Dean Village by Terry Murden)

Edinburgh has been named fourth in a list of the best places in Britain to launch a business.

The top three in Barclays’ SME Growth Factors Index are Bradford, Leicester and Coventry. 

The Index reflects the strength of 12 key growth factors such as business rate relief, infrastructure, broadband speed and labour productivity, regarded as essential to boosting business productivity and growth.

Edinburgh ranked high for quality of life (the top ranking), qualified workforce (the top ranking), labour productivity (second only to London) and net immigration (second only to Coventry).  

Bradford was ranked highest overall, with the best business rate relief, road infrastructure, number of job vacancies, cost of commercial rent, and business survival rate. Leicester featured in second place thanks to its strong business survival rate, distance travelled to work and level of business rate relief. Coventry came in third place, with the highest net migration into the city.

Edinburgh’s overall ranking was affected by factors including broadband speed, ranking 16th out of 20, and road infrastructure, ranking 12th.

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