Agency takes extra office space

DJ Alexander relocates as online business grows

David AlexanderCentral Scotland’s biggest estate agent DJ Alexander is consolidating its offices as it prepares for the growth of the online market.

The company has relocated a number of staff after securing 14,000 sq ft of office space in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Property management staff from its two offices in Dundas Street, Edinburgh have moved to the John Cotton Centre, off Easter Road, doubling the company’s presence in the building from one floor to two.

The West of Scotland division has switched from Bath Street, Glasgow to a base on the city’s south side.

The company first moved its administration, accounts and maintenance functions to the John Cotton Centre in March 2016 and plans to occupy all three floors by the end of next year.

The expansion reflects the company’s record year and continued growth. Staff numbers have doubled in just two years to 170.

The office at Wemyss Place, Edinburgh, remains as the main customer-focused location.

Managing Director David Alexander said the move away from high street offices also reflected the growth in online services.

“Consolidating our offices in a central location allows us invest heavily in technology as part of a move towards a more online, client-focused service,” he said.

“Less emphasis on front-of-house service does not mean we are moving away from meeting client needs – just the opposite.

“The changing digital landscape means people want access to information and services wherever they go, whenever they choose. Investing in new technology, software and online services will meet those needs.”

The company’s new digital offerings will be revealed next year, he said.

“In 2018 we’re going to re-engineer the way we deliver our services. We are excited about what this will bring for the business, for our customers, and for Scotland’s uniquely robust property industry.”


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