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Compressor firm's big move

Vert Rotors launches into space industry

Olly Dmitriev
Olly Dmitriev: space.

Vert Rotors, the Edinburgh-based innovative compressor firm, has launched itself into the space industry.

The manufacturer produces powerful micro compressors designed to improve satellite propulsion systems and founder Olly Dmitriev says the company is on a mission to turn Scotland’s space industry into a reality.

“There are now more commercial opportunities for smaller companies to help develop a Scottish spaceport and manufacture satellites and this is an important time for initial growth,” said Mr Dmitriev.

“We have demonstrated that our technology is lighter and delivers 200% higher pressure than other compressors and this has supported our move into the space sector.

“We are based in Edinburgh, and we believe there is scope for more collaboration and opportunities for businesses on the east coast, to help build upon the success of the Scottish Centre of Excellence in Satellite Applications and businesses such as Clyde Space.

“We are committed to turning Scotland’s space industry into a reality.”

Scotland’s space industry has created over 7,000 jobs and is worth £130m to the economy, with Glasgow building more small satellites than any other European city in the last few years.

The UK Government recently began the process for US space rockets to launch in the UK, bringing its goal of building a spaceport and launching rockets by 2020 ever closer.

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