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Tories accused of ‘duping’ pensions women

Ian Blackford

Ian Blackford: ‘The UK government must take responsibility’

Tory MPs have been accused of “duping” women fighting to re-instate their right to a state pension.

Ian Blackford, the SNP’s Westminster leader, said some of those who signed a petition supporting the women’s campaign failed to vote on an SNP motion calling on the government to improve transitional pension arrangements.

The motion was backed by the Democratic Unionist Party and some Conservative MPs.

The women are campaigning against legislation which has deferred their state pension age from 60 to 66, forcing many of them to work longer. They say they were not adequately warned of the changes.

MPs who signed the petition supporting the Waspi campaign, but didn’t vote with the SNP in the Commons, have duped the women who are fighting for the pension they are due,” said Mr Blackford.

“These women are guilty of nothing. They have had the misfortune of being female and being born in the 1950s and live under this UK government who refuses to do the right thing. This evening, a Tory MP showed just how out of touch they are by suggesting 65-year old women take up apprenticeships.

“We have long fought for the government to rectify this shambles and give the Waspi women the pension they  rightfully deserve. I speak on behalf of these benches when I say we will not rest until this injustice has been rectified.

“This is an issue of equality. The UK government must take responsibility and do the right thing for these women who are missing out on their pension.

“We welcome the support of the DUP and some Tory MPs, and now call on the government to finally take action.

“The sight of conservative rebels alongside DUP support puts real pressure on the government. This is one of the few votes where Tory rebels have actually gone through the lobbies against the government since the election.”

He added: “To the other Scottish Tory benchers, I flag their attention to page 62 of the Scottish Conservative manifesto: ‘We will also ensure that the state pension age reflects increases in life expectancy, while protecting each generation fairly.’

“I sincerely welcome the backing of some 37 Conservative MPs who expressed support for the Women against State Pension Inequality before the general election. Including former Children’s Minister Tim Loughton and ex-Tory Chairperson Caroline Spelman.”

New FOI figures reveal that the Department for Work and Pensions has received thousands of complaints relating to the WASPI (Women against state pension inequality) campaign, yet only six “WASPI investigations” have been seen through to completion.


28 Comments to Tories accused of ‘duping’ pensions women

  1. Born August 1954, worked for over 35 years, two years before i was 60, found out BY ACCIDENT that i wouldn’t receive my state pension until i was 64, this didn’t last long as by chance found out it had changed AGAIN and wouldn’t be until i was almost 66. I was NEVER informed officially of these changes, and have lost about £30,000 as a result, without the time to do anything about it, except find myself a low paid exhausting job.!!! Like many others,I believe this to be such an unfair act of injustice.

  2. I too am a woman born in 1954 and having to work another 6 years without any notification. All governments don’t give a damn about women’s rights, I stand to lose thousands in pension and have worked since 1969. I work for the NHS who have physically/mentally exhausted me, I can’t win and lose from all angles. What a lot of women born in the 1950s are forgetting is as well as losing thousands we are also been forced to work and paying 6 years extra tax and in my case 6 years extra contributions for work pension, which thanks to this inadequate government is worth next to nothing. It’s a case of work till you drop as nobody cares.

  3. I find the 2011 pension act a total shambles and not very well thought out – agree that men and women’s pension should be equal but expecting us to work to 66 /67/68 is ridiculous – this should stop now.

  4. Pension Reform is needed. There is currently a pension system in place which is very unfair. 1950’s women with no notification of changes. Overseas pensioners getting £44 a week due to their pension being frozen. Illnesses caused by the stress and worry of managing without money you expected and had no time to make alternative arrangements. Children missing out on being with grandparents as they are at work, so parents have additional childcare commitments. Elderly relatives dying alone, or with strangers as their children have to work. Pensioners using savings or downsizing to make ends meet. Youngsters being unable to find work as the Govt force the elder generation to work until they drop.
    We need a state pension based on NI contributions, which is fair and transparent, for everyone no matter where you live and funded exactly as it SHOULD be funded now. We also need a widows pension to protect those who lost their partner and had no entitlement to a State pension in their own right. Pension poverty impacts on every aspect of life. Either pay up what you should pay (whoever is running the country) or make sure that there is a safety net when you thieve the pensions without warning us that you are doing it. It is a whole generation that has been affected and it is very wrong. Pension Reformers United.

  5. The 1950’s women have been hit particularly hard and it is disgusting to have a total of 6 and a half years added with no notice. I did not receive any notification from the Department of Work and Pensions but noticed the increase on a pension statement I had requested. A four year increase I could just about tolerate as I am fully in agreement that men’s and women’s pension ages should be the same on retirement BUT with adequate notice.However, to increase the retirement age by another 18 months is totally unfair with many women not even knowing about the pension changes.
    Women should receive a cash payment to compensate for the 2nd increase which was sneaked in by the back door. I do not receive a works pension as work for a small Company and when I started work women’s pensions did not exist or would only apply in big Companies if at all and did not receive holiday entitlement either when taking up part time work.

  6. I too have worked since I was 16 bought up my children whilst holding down a part time job at night whilst they were young spent time going back to college in my 40 and have worked 25 years in the health service I sit here at 5.30am writing this I’m 62 I have the most awful cold I’m asthmatic but I have to get up and go to work the stresses in the NHS are tenfold no job satisfaction any more I just want to be able to be at home another 4 years of this until my pension at 66 I also care for my 85 year old Mum I can’t help my daughter who has a 6 month old baby she lives in Bristol I’m in stoke I get to see him once a month if I was retired I could look after him a couple of days a week but no I’ve been denied this my husband also paid into the system died 3 years ago at 62 he didnt get to reach his pension so that’s gone you get what’s called the bereavement package a one off payment then 12 months of a monthly payment then low and behold nothing after that that’s another DWP Cock up I can’t find the words to express how I feel because I could cry thinking about it my 85 year Mum is better off than me financial as she had a widows pension until the day she dies beware if any spouse is ill and passes away because you are not informed of this new system until it’s too late so I’ve been screwed twice widows pension and state pension I didn’t vote at the last election the average day to day middle of the road hard grafters get shit on from both governments from a great height I’ve just learned that an immigrant can get £29,000 in a year a pensioner who’s paid in there whole life £6,000. I think I know where our pension money is going

  7. Also 1950’s woman my Husband suffered a stroke in 2003 and was left permanently disabled passed away last year so at nearly 60 was looking for work,but to try and find full-time work is impossible! nobody wants you! T.May might be a 1950’s woman, but she will not be in our position, she has a nice ‘Gold Plated’ pension and has had good earning power, which alot of us have not so she will not be affected like us. Those in Government live in a different world, not affected by the rules they make!

    When Cameron said ‘We are all in this together’ what he really meant was ‘You’re all in it together’ when he was talking about ‘Austerity’, the likes of them never suffer, they always have their noses in the trough.

  8. I also started work at 15. got married at 18 had my first child in 1978 aged 21. two further children at 23 and 32. I’ve worked hard all my life even doing Saturday jobs and paper rounds whilst still at school. I’m now 60 and haven’t worked since Feb 2013. my ex husband passed away very suddenly aged 56 in June 2012. I then thought sod it life’s to short so chose to stop working then. I’ve lived of savings since that time and not claimed anything from the state. thinking I would get my state pension at 60 I thought I would be able to manage till then and I would have done had the government not moved the goal posts. I now get 3 very small pensions from previous employers (195.00) per month obviously not enough to live on. there is know way I’m going back to full time work now. I’m in ill health including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, heart failure, COPD and various other ailments. I am now in the process of going down the equity release route as my savings have all but run out. I shouldn’t have to be doing this but have no other choice because this and previous governments have stolen my pension I do have a little part time job which i love which I do on an as and when basis. I am a personal assistant on a bus taking special needs children to and from school which equates to roughly 3 hours a day and only in term time. I paid in so now you should pay out. my children aren’t going to get so much inheritance now because of these thieving governments

  9. Well having just viewed all the very different comments made by people expressing their views!!! I like many started work when I was fifteen, when I married at 18 yrs old I was advised that if I kept paying the full stamp then I would get a bit more in my pension!! All these years later one I wasn’t informed by anyone that I would have to work longer that is such a load of lies, two, I found this out by asking for a pension forecast!! The whole thing has been a fiasco and ex PM David Cameron should be thoroughly ashamed by implementing this and people having to find out that sorry we are pinching your hard earned pension to prop up other things that they needed to find extra money for!!! In my estimation of this I am losing approx £39.000 to work 2 and a half years more but all for nothing!!!


  11. Worked all my life since age 16. Worked bringing up my kids alone and paying a mortgage (no help from anyone).Worked through my cancer treatment 10 years ago and thought at least I could relax a bit once I got my pension. What a joke perhaps Theresa May could cope with what I have and still work. I feel like they are just trying to kill me off before I get my pension and at this rate they may well succeed!! Still working – just, despite health decline!! Where is the justice – my grandfather fought in both world wars and even started a business after the war with a tin leg! How about some justice please???

  12. I am 60 and having worked since I was 15, I now have to work another 6 years. How is this fair when some people have never worked? I worry all the time that I won’t be able to work another six years but won’t have any income if I can’t . They have treated us hardworking women appallingly. I have always voted Conservative but feel totally let down…….and by a woman!

  13. I am 63 years old ( Feb 1954 ) and I too never received any notification of the change in my pension age. I have worked all my life paying my National Insurance contributions to secure my pension. When I had my children I became a registered childminder so that I could care for my own children as well as others. I paid voluntary contributions by direct debit. I now work in a children’s play group which is so demanding that sometimes I leave so tired I worry I won’t make it home. I understand women’s pension age has to be raised but surely such a jump in one go is totally UNFAIR. My husband and I have both had cancer (hubby prostate) (myself breast) My husband is still working as my wage the only one I could get is £105 per week term time only. We should be enjoying life together but we are so tired we find we are bickering more and more. Can someone tells me where all our past payments have gone please, our pensions, our heating allowance it adds up to a lot of money.

  14. I am June 1954, my misfortune as my retirement is March 2020 I will be nearly 66. The extra 2 years for me is ridiculous at the age 51 I had to downsize , move to Gosport as I could not afford to buy anywhere else. Found a job in a call centre a very, very stressful environment for anyone.
    At 60 I had a breakdown due to work and life stress which affected my health
    and suffer CPPD arthritis.
    I kept going thinking I could ease of at 60. I have worked part time most of my life, paid my NI and been a Mum, family carer and been through husbands bankruptcy and then he died, so we lost all the insurances and pensions in HIS name. That is how it was in those days. Do the right thing Government DWP, transitional payments are due to help keep me out of poverty and signing on….what a joke. I possibly could be made redundant at anytime also.

  15. I have not been informed about ‘WASPI’, what is it and why haven’t I ? I was born in
    the November 1953 and been in work since I was 15, yet have to wait til I’m 65, yet those born in March 1953 are already drawing their state pension this is definitely not a fair system. Women born pre 1960 should be entitled to draw their pension at 60, we have earned it.

    • WASPI stands for Women Against State Pension Inequality. There are groups throughout the UK and we regularly have protests in London or local venues (in Wales we have the Welsh Assembly) to remind people of our plight. We are not against the State Pension Age (SPA) being equal to men, but we are against the fact we have been discriminated against every step of our working lives, with lower pay, poorer working conditions, less chance of belonging to a private or employers pension scheme, less chance of promotion, and now to NOT be informed of vital and important changes to our expectations is simply too much to bear. We stand to lose thousands of pounds by NOT being able to claim our pension at 60, when we have worked hard and paid IN for it. Join your nearest group and spread the word. We are not going away until the problem has been resolved. U have paid IN for 45 years and still have to wait another 4 years (and one day) until my 66th birthday. It is not right or fair. I paid in, my employers paid in and I want it OUT!

  16. My state pension age is 67!!
    I am a woman who is an SEN Teaching Assistant for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties. I love my job and see it as my career.
    I cannot imagine myself still being able to fulfill my job description at the age of 67!!
    It is ridiculous.

  17. Something is very wrong here! A relative of someone I know who emigrated to Canada where he met his wife. French Canadian by the way. He had worked in UK before going to Canada so was entitled to a pension of sorts from our government. He was surprised when he had a letter from the pensions dept stating that his wife was also entitled to a pension! He phoned and told them she had never lived in the U.K., only visited on holiday, but was told as his wife she was entitled! She gets £60.00 per month, not a lot, but why?? They both still live in Canada.
    I had to fight for mine! I had worked on and off until I had my children in 1966, 1968, and 1973, I understood I was covered during these periods on my husbands national insurance. I then then ran my own business in 1978 until 2007. Upon retirement at 60 I was told that I was entitled to £ 305.00 p.m. I wasn’t covered apparently during that period I had my children! This all changed in 1975, so I missed out???

  18. I was born in 1957 and have worked all my life from 16 years old
    I am a state registered nurse who through the conservatives under Margaret thatcher pushed the interest rates so high I had to cash in my NHS pension to provide food and security for myself and two babies
    Once again I find the conservative s have let me down expecting me to work now until I’m 66 ?
    I now work in the private sector looking after the elderly with dementia many who will Be almost my own age
    My retirement at 60 would of allowed me to care for a disabled partner and to spend some time with my grandchildren
    When you work in the nursing environment you realise time is precious
    And I feel robbed of this and the financial support which I have paid for I might add for the last 44 years

  19. I am also affected by this and in fact never had anything for the 40+ years I paid NIC. I didn’t have children, so have never had child allowance, nor maternity pay, therefore never used education system. I have never been in an NHS hospital for any treatment or operations. I worked solidly for 40+ years. So in fact I should be in credit. But have to wait until I am 67. I would like to work but have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, who is going to employ me now.

  20. I’m one of the 50’s women. I’ve worked hard all my life starting at the age of 15. Then part time til I got my children to teenagers when I went back to full time work in Health and social care for 26 years. Unfortunately for me I became ill and unable to continue at the pace I’d been accustomed to! I paid into a works pension and had dreams of travelling with my hard earned savings and the pension I had paid into? That’s not goi to happen now for sure. How the government can think that people can work into their late 60’s is crazy. They need to get back into the real world and do a week of shifts see what they think then!

  21. i have worked from the age of 16 even when my children were young I worked nights I was 60 in oct never had any notice from works and pensions by the time I retire at 66 will have paid 50 years national insurance and will received the same pension as someone who has never worked how fair is that that is if I live that long

    • I agree, I have worked since I was 15, raised a family, who all have a strong work ethic. I worked nights when they were small. I have never claimed any benefits, thankfully have kept good health. I turned 60 in May this year have contributed over 44 years. Now I am exhausted, it’s too much to drain us 1950s women like this.

  22. I agree with you Stephen, and your story saddens me. May is a very stubborn and ill advised lady and I hope this whole thing brings her down, because this government has/is causing so much suffering to so many. They are playing with people’s lives, to suit their books and just will not listen to the pain they are causing. You will never get pleasure through someone else’s pain. It is the simple law of humanity, everything comes around.

    • Theresa May is worse than Thatcher. The UK is regressing we are falling behind the rest of Europe in so many things pension age being one of them. I am 58 and have never been contacted by DWP telling me about rise in retirement age. I am disgusted that the UK is being led by a non elected PM and facing Brexit because another Tory, Cameron called a referendum to satisfy his ego what an epic fail that was for him. While He is now sunning himself on a beach somewhere with a pension made up of money he inherited stashed away in foreign bank accounts the rest of us will scrimp and save or work till we drop.

  23. I don’t like the playing of politics with this, as it is a cross-party issue. But, I have been a Conservative voter all my life and will now have to think long and hard about voting for them in the future. My wife is 63 and will honestly say she has never received any notice from the work and pensions department. After my wife was made redundant in 2002 and could not find work, I decided to retire and we moved to Portugal. Bit of a shock when at 58 years my wife asked for a pension statement. No there is no apprenticeships here for her.
    We are disgusted with the party we both supported most of our lives.

    • Hello Stephen

      Like yourself I was a staunch conservative supporter for most of my life but after seeing how my wife has been treated in terms of her pension I am also disgusted at their lack of understanding, commitment and in particular duping her. She never received any letter from DWP at any time whatsoever. This was purely the underhanded tactics that the government implemented.

      We have no respect for them and will NOT support them in the future.

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