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Devil’s day in the life film lures legal recruits

Gordon Jackson

Gordon Jackson: seeking a new audience

A young ‘devil’ will star in a new film aiming to encourage diversity, bust myths and encourage new recruits to the legal profession.

The Faculty of Advocates has released a short promotional documentary tracking the moment when trainee advocates, known as devils, graduate to the Bar.

The film follows a day in the life of trainee advocate, Kirsty Tyre, as she makes the leap from devil to advocate.

Dean of Faculty, Gordon Jackson QC, commissioned the film which will be distributed to law students across the country.

Its aims to ensure the Faculty attracts the best legal talent to a career at the Bar after completing training.  It will also be sent to qualified solicitors who might be considering a career move to the Bar.

Mr Jackson said: “We made the film because we want to bring the Faculty of Advocates to a new audience and inspire more legal talent to join the profession. 

“Members of Faculty come from a broad cross section of society, and we’re keen to bust any myths people may have about advocates or access to the profession.

“We want to encourage everyone who is interested to come a step closer to us.  The diversity amongst our members is a reflection of the country we live in today, and I am keen that we expand on that diversity every year.”  

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