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New masterplan for steel site

Ravenscraig scales back plans for new town

Ravenscraig original

Original Ravenscraig masterplan proposed a new town

Developers of a revised masterplan for the former Ravenscraig steelworks site have scaled back the creation of a new town.

Instead of a retail centre there is a commitment to a convenience store and “other community shops” serving a sprawling housing development built around a 17-acre park.

The early phases include 550 homes to be built between 2018 and 2021 to add to 450 completed to date.

The plan, by Ravenscraig Ltd, is being submitted to North Lanarkshire Council in February following a public consultation exercise. 

It includes land reserved for commercial businesses and organisations on the site of the former British Steel plant which closed in 1992.

Nick Davies, director of Ravenscraig Ltd, said: “We have ongoing plans to redevelop the Ravenscraig site, one of the most important urban regeneration projects in Europe.

“Since development work began in 2006, we have welcomed New College Lanarkshire, Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, the Ravenscliff pub and hotel, and hundreds of homes to the site. 

“The revised Masterplan reflects the needs of the growing community, with a focus on high quality housing, a range of community and commercial facilities and substantial green space all of which will combine to deliver an enhanced quality of life for the local community.

“Employment opportunities play a central role in immediate development plans and conversations are underway with potential commercial occupants.”

The new planning application follows extensive engagement by Ravenscraig Ltd and a community consultation hosted by North Lanarkshire Council in November 2016.

Feedback called for a primary school, convenience store, local job opportunities and greenspace, all of which will be developed in the short term as part of the new Masterplan.  

Ravenscraig Ltd is a joint venture partnership between Scottish Enterprise, Wilson Bowden Ltd and Tata Steel.


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