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More chaos for travellers

Ryanair facing legal action as Scottish flights cancelled

Michael O’Leary: apologies

Ryanair is cancelling all flights from Edinburgh and Glasgow to London Stansted over the winter, causing major disruption to tourists and business travellers.

The airline said it was grounding 26 per flights week from Edinburgh and 18 per week from Glasgow between November and March.

A total of 34 routes will be suspended this winter including Glasgow to Las Palmas, Edinburgh routes to Hamburg and the Polish city of Szczecin, Gatwick to Belfast and Newcastle to Faro.

Ryanair has been threatened with legal action for “persistently misleading” passengers about their rights.

In a three-page letter the Civil Aviation Authority took the first stop towards court action by saying it had launched “enforcement action” against the airline.

Ryanair was wrong to claim it did not have to re-route passengers on rival airlines, it said.

The airline says it is in talks with CAA to head off legal action.


Gloom descends on Ryanair

A total of 18,000 flights are being withdrawn affecting the travel plans of about 400,000 passengers.

Ryanair will fly 25 fewer planes to cut the risk of further flight cancellations after admitting it “messed up” over piliot scheduling. The debacle is costing the airline around £43.7m in refunds and compensation.

Chief executive Michael O’Leary said: “We sincerely apologise to those customers who have been affected by last week’s flight cancellations, or these sensible schedule changes announced today.

“While over 99% of our 129 million customers will not have been affected by any cancellations or disruptions, we deeply regret any doubt we caused existing customers last week about Ryanair’s reliability, or the risk of further cancellations.

“From today, there will be no more rostering-related flight cancellations this winter or in summer 2018.”

A spokesman for Glasgow Airport said the suspension of Ryanair’s winter routes to Stansted and Las Palmas was “clearly disappointing”.



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