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Half Scots firms hit by problem

PwC ‘academy’ to tackle internal fraud

Luke Treglown
Luke Treglown: speaker

Scotland is to get its first ‘academy’ to share best practice and intelligence on employee and management fraud which hits more than half the country’s businesses.

PwC,  the big four accountant and business adviser, says the problem is costing firms millions of pounds.

It is staging a programme of free events and expects to bring participants together three times a year to discuss the latest hot topics.

Carol Rarity, who heads up PwC’s forensics team, said: “At least half of Scottish companies have experienced some form of economic crime in the past year and around a third of these crimes are at the hands of an internal perpetrator.

“With that in mind,  it is becoming increasingly important for organisations to understand why employees go bad and what protection tools are available so we are going to use the launch of Fraud Academy to challenge people to see if they can spot the ‘bad apples’ in the workplace and know the threats that they pose.

“We hope our events will see people from all sectors, but primarily those working in compliance functions, internal audit, fraud, HR and general counsel teams come together not only to learn, but also to share their insights because internal fraud is now an issue for most companies – and, sadly, at all levels.”

The speakers will include Gordon Burns from Police Scotland’s Economic Crime Unit, Gerard Drugan from the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, and Luke Treglown, an organisational psychologist.

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