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Rowley turns up heat

Labour attacks SNP over ‘failure’ to use tax powers

Alex Rowley: SNP has run out of ideas (photo by Terry Murden)

Scottish Labour will use its parliamentary time this week to attack the SNP government’s failure to use the Holyrood parliament’s tax powers.

It will say the SNP could raise taxes to stop cuts to public services but has voted against Labour amendments to the last two budgets.

Labour will use opposition business to debate using the tax powers to increase investment and halt cutbacks.

Interim Scottish Labour leader Alex Rowley said: “In the last Scottish election the SNP repeatedly attacked the Labour Party for being honest with voters – that using the tax powers was the only way to protect key public services.

“Whilst Nicola Sturgeon and her government refuse to use the powers of Scotland’s Parliament, public services buckle under failed Tory austerity.

“A year into a five year parliament and the SNP has already run out of ideas on how to protect funding for public services.

“Labour welcomes a debate around tax, but we are fed up of an SNP government that repeatedly talks left, but governs right.

“Labour’s tax plan would have raised more than £1 billion in the previous two budgets, allowing us to stop the cuts and invest in public services instead.

“Our tax policy allows us to increase child benefit, putting more money into the pockets of working class families and lifting tens of thousands of children out of poverty.

“The SNP faces a choice: tax cuts for the richest and public spending cuts for the rest with the Tories, or using the powers to protect public services with Labour.”

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