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Innovative apps boost for mobile learning

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Mobile apps allow anyone to learn anywhere

The demand for mobile apps that make delivery of learning anywhere possible, is driving workforce engagement and ultimately productivity gain for many organisations across various industries.

Within a demanding sector, the International Well Control Forum (IWCF) is creating efficiencies through a bespoke mobile app that enables learners to manage their own booking at any IWCF accredited training centre globally.

This solution was developed through a working partnership with eCom which also developed a CRM system that helps IWCF keep track of all this information in one place.

Another recent project at eCom Scotland is with Scottish Waterways Trust’s canal college, creating a learning platform and mobile app for the delivery of qualifications. Having accessible technologies facilitates learning wherever there are skills development activities taking place.

With the general increasing reliance on mobile digital technology, organisations are now using mobile devices for service delivery, a trend that has also spilled over into the learning space because of strong business benefits, such as a positively engaged workforce and potentially additional revenue streams and profits.

Commenting on the benefits of a great mobile digital learning strategy, eCom’s managing director, Wendy Edie, said: “Providing employees with the right knowledge and competencies where and when needed, is having a positive impact on productivity and business profitability, within many sectors.

“Indeed, many employees expect to learn on their preferred device, at a time and location that suits them, which may not even be during core working hours.

“Therefore, organisations really benefit from having a well thought out and clearly defined mobile digital learning strategy and we are delighted to help our clients through this process.”

eCom Scotland is focused on the delivery, tracking and reporting of workforce learning and development, through innovative technologies. Its products and services address a range of workforce management, development and training challenges, including eLearning, online assessment, blended learning, competency management and accreditation.

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