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Tories say public being kept in dark

SNP ‘hiding truth about indy costs’ says Fraser

Murdo FraserThe Scottish Conservatives have accused the SNP of failing to admit the cost of separation and of ‘hiding’ behind the figures.

Conservative finance spokesman Murdo Fraser (pictured) said Ms Sturgeon has still to let the public know what the SNP proposed and how much independence would have cost.

The annual ‘GERS’ data on revenue and expenditure is published on Wednesday and the Scottish Conservatives have accused the SNP of “running for cover” by failing to be straight with the public.

At the weekend, the Fraser of Allander Institute declared that the SNP government should set out “the tough choices” that it would impose on Scotland under independence.

 Mr Fraser said: “Last year, Nicola Sturgeon announced with great fanfare that her Growth Commission would set out how independence could be achieved. It has all gone strangely quiet.

“She’s had the findings on her desk since the turn of last year – where they’ve gathered dust ever since. What has the SNP got to hide?

“Rather than keeping the facts from the public, it is time the SNP was upfront and let people in on what it would propose.

“As the respected Fraser of Allander Institute has said this week, it is ‘crucial’ that the Scottish Government is upfront about its plan for separating Scotland from the UK.

“This week the evidence will show, once again, that Scotland benefits from being part of the UK.

“If the SNP continues to hide its own plans from public view, we can only conclude that the nationalists know this too.”

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5 Comments to SNP ‘hiding truth about indy costs’ says Fraser

  1. Peter Thomson says:

    Murdo Fraser wouldn’t recognise the truth if it jumped out and stuck the head on him. Just another purveyor of pathetic propaganda.

  2. Lesley McGilvary says:

    She’s too busy contingency planning for the fallout from the disaster of the unwanted, undemocratic Brexit disaster inflicted on Scotland by his party.

  3. C.G says:

    Tories withheld the truth about oil wealth from us for decades.

  4. Caroline Magoha says:

    Is that the same party that can’t tell us the cost of Brexit let alone their plan?

  5. Roy says:

    Just another worried Tory who knows we will be the ones calling the shots very soon

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