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Contract for supply and wastewater

Airports and Holland & Barrett in water deals

AGS Airports, which includes Glasgow, Aberdeen and Southampton, has signed a water supply and waste water services contracts with Business Stream.

The two Scottish airports are renewing their contracts while Southampton is a new contract following the opening of the English retail water market to competition in April this year.

The contracts will run for three years.

Glasgow Airport’s new three year arrangement will also involve the installation of automated meter readings to track water consumption and leak detection surveys to help reduce the airport’s water use. 

Meanwhile, health & wellbeing retailer Holland & Barrett, has extended its relationship with AnglianWater Business in Scotland and the Anglian region to the whole of England.

It will  switch all its water and wastewater requirements in a three-year wide contract.

Holland & Barrett decided to consolidate all its water and wastewater requirements in England and Scotland with a single supplier across its store, warehouse and office locations following the opening of the English water market to competition in April.

The new contract will initially involve 455 Holland & Barrett sites, rising to 650 locations over the contract term.

It is expected to provide immediate cost savings for Holland & Barrett thanks to discounts and tariff optimisation, with further savings delivered over the contract period from efficiency improvements.


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