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Search site attracts investor

Funding helps Voomfit get fit for growth

Voom for growth: investment for search website

Voomfit, a fitness search platform based in Glasgow, has received investment from a software entrepreneur.

Brian Welsh has backed the internet startup created by Ross McMillan and Jordan Paisley for browsing and booking fitness and wellbeing services.

Each of the founders have invested in the venture and Mr Paisley said the additional funding will help increase functionality and development of the brand.

Voomfit has already raised in excess of £150,000 from number of sources and will seek £3m from Scottish Edge and the London investment networks over the next two years.

Mr McMillan said: “If you think what site you would visit to book a flight, or to look for a new property, most people have an answer. If you then ask them where they would go to find a personal trainer, gym membership, spa package or outdoor activity, they’ll struggle.”

The pair have recruited a trio of “brand ambassadors” to help grow the platform’s user base and engage with business across the Glasgow.

Some of the city’s fitness professionals and chefs have signed-up to be part of the online hub.  While currently efforts are focused on Glasgow, the company has plans to scale across the UK.

Mr Welsh will offer both software and business expertise, on top of the funding boost.

He said: “Like any great idea, this is a solution to a problem. I’m very excited by the vision of Jordan and Ross, and to be part of the company at this early stage. I believe this idea has unlimited potential to revolutionise the fitness industry.”

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