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SNS video offer in Daily Business tie-up

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sns groupSNS Group, one of the best known names in visual media, is reporting rapid growth in demand for its video and design services.

The company is a well-established supplier of world class sports photography, but in recent years as technology and media have evolved, it has built up new openings for corporate clients.

The group is winning business in digital and print design as well as video from blue chip companies and public bodies including Clydesdale and Yorkshire Bank, Scottish Power, SSE, Glasgow City Council, Wheatley Group and the NHS. 

Now, in partnership with Daily Business, SNS Group is offering a full range of services including stylish video, incorporating graphic animation and multi camera filming that reflects the qualities and achievements of clients. 

Its award-winning design service echoes that same commitment to producing top of the range digital publications using bespoke solutions to meet every client’s particular requirements. 

These include online and offline publishing of magazines, multi-device communications apps, newsletters, brochures, booklets and business reports as well as large format design for signage, events, exhibitions and vehicles. 

SNS group managing director Jim McCann said: “We have always been known for our sports coverage but in recent years our design and video services have attracted a major new client base. 

“Striking visual impact is a must in the modern digital age where social media is a massive part of a company’s marketing strategy.  Stylish design and smart use of video are on the radar of more and more clients who are finding budget now for new projects.  Our teams are loving the fresh challenges being presented.

“If you think your company could benefit from our range of cutting edge visual service then contact us.”

Daily Business is a publisher of SNS Group’s first class photographs and is a co-promoter of the range of products being offered by SNS Group to corporate clients.

Editor and director Terry Murden said: “SNS Group provides a quality service and we are delighted to be working with the company to jointly promote an editorial, photography and video service to companies of all sizes.”

Apart from news, opinion and analysis, Daily Business Group provides a range of cost-effective branded editorial products to help companies promote their message.

These include direct publishing of media releases, sponsorship of editorial columns and topics, as well as sponsorship of events, such as Budget statements, sports tournaments and arts festivals covered by the Daily Business news website and the Daily Business Magazine section. For more information click here: DB Media Services



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