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Survey may reopen debate on performance

ScotRail claims ‘best ever’ passenger satisfaction


ScotRail today claimed that passenger satisfaction was its highest ever level.

Nine out of ten passengers are satisfied with the service, according ton independent survey which is likely to reopen debate over the network’s performance. 

The National Rail Passenger Survey of more than 1,200 passengers in Scotland revealed that satisfaction with ScotRail is at 90% against 83% in the autumn when concern over reliability was at its height.

Operator Abellio and Network Rail, which form the ScotRail Alliance, said interruptions to the service were a result of the major renewal project under way. 

The latest figure shows ScotRail ahead of the UK-wide average of 83%, and equals ScotRail’s best ever overall satisfaction rating. Just 3% of those surveyed said they were dissatisfied with ScotRail.

The survey by watchdog Transport Focus revealed that the UK-wide figure – up by 3% – is the highest score since autumn 2012. There are 4.5 million passenger journeys every day in the UK.

Highlights from the survey show:

92% are satisfied with the speed of ScotRail journeys

85% are satisfied with ScotRail’s punctuality and reliability

83% are satisfied overall with ScotRail station facilities

82% are satisfied overall with ScotRail train facilities

Alex Hynes, managing director of the ScotRail Alliance, said:This equals our best ever result, and shows that the vast majority of our passengers are satisfied with the work ScotRail is doing to build the best railway Scotland has ever had.

“For nine out of ten ScotRail customers to be satisfied with our performance at a time when we are delivering one of the biggest upgrades to our network since Victorian times is down to the hard work of our dedicated staff at the ScotRail Alliance, a partnership between Abellio ScotRail and Network Rail.

“These results are really encouraging, but we aren’t complacent. The major investment we are making now will mean faster journeys, more seats and better services for our customers.”

Scottish Labour’s transport spokesperson Neil Bibby said:Over the past year Scottish Labour has been campaigning for better rail services alongside passengers and railway workers. 

“It’s good to see overall passenger satisfaction increasing after falling to a record 14-year low last autumn. Railway workers should be thanked for their hard work and perseverance in what has been a difficult year for ScotRail. However, passengers will still want to see continued action to tackle overcrowding and improve ScotRail services. 

“This survey also shows that nearly 40 per cent of passengers do not believe fares represent value for money. That is why Scottish Labour called for a fare freeze in 2017 and will continue to demand more affordable rail travel.  

“Scottish Labour will continue to work with rail unions and stand up for Scotland’s passengers. We will keep up the pressure on ScotRail and the SNP Government to meet the needs of Scotland’s passengers in the months ahead.”

Scottish Conservative transport spokesman Jamie Green, said: “It’s welcome to see that overall satisfaction is increasing, and it’s important to acknowledge the efforts of ScotRail staff in achieving this.

“However these results still show that there are still several areas of concern, with passengers still not feeling like they are getting value for money from their train service.

“It’s deeply concerning to see that there are many more passengers who do not feel safe on board trains, and with many also criticising the car parking and ticket buying facilities at stations, it shows that there is still a lot of work to be done.

“We need to see continued efforts from ScotRail and the SNP Government if we are to see Scottish passengers given the train service they deserve.”

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