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New energy firm targeting rapid growth

Geoff Guenther and Paul Richards

New gas and electricity supplier Together Energy is to take on a further 20 staff, taking its payroll to 60 by the end of the year.

The Clydebank-based operation secured its first customers in October last year and supplies nearly 6,000 households across the UK, generating a turnover of £5.4 million.

The company is planning to raise its customer base in the next few months to about 15,000 with a three year plan for 100,000 and revenue of £80m. 

It was founded last year by two senior energy executives, Paul Richards and Geoff Guenther. Working as consultants, the pair had been asked to develop a business proposal for a global gas and electricity company to enter the UK energy market.

But, after the plans fell through, they saw an opportunity to launch their own venture. They raised £325,000 of initial investment between them, with support from a private investor.

Mr Richards said: “We spotted a gap in the market for an energy supplier that does things differently.

“Since getting under way less than a year ago, we’ve seen strong growth and solidified our position a lot more quickly than expected.

“That’s helped us get to this next phase of expansion, ramping up our marketing efforts and looking to renew our first tranche of customers.”


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