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Watchdog issues order

British Gas pays £1.1m for missed appointments

British GasBritish Gas has paid £1.1 million to domestic and micro business customers after its third party agents missed appointments with customers or did not keep them on time. It then failed to compensate them as required by Ofgem.

Around 12,000, largely business, customers were affected.

The watchdog said action has been taken to change customer services processes to make sure in future, when appointments are missed or delayed, customers receive the compensation they are entitled to receive.

British Gas, trading as Scottish Gas north of the border, has compensated affected customers in full (£30 for initial failed appointment and £30 for not paying customers within the required 10 days). 

In addition, British Gas has paid an extra £30 to each affected customer. British Gas has paid a total of £1.1 million to compensate affected customers.  

Due to these actions, Ofgem has agreed to this redress package with British Gas and is not taking formal enforcement action. 

Martin Crouch, Ofgem senior partner for improving regulation, said: “British Gas did the right thing in coming forward to report this issue, and has since improved its processes to make sure that, when appointments are missed or not kept on time, all customers receive the compensation they’re entitled to.

“It’s crucial that suppliers keep appointments on time, and make amends when things go wrong.”

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