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Brewer may need name change

BrewDog loses battle with Elvis estate

Heartbreak for Brewdog: Juice name banned

Scottish brewer BrewDog has been left all shook up after losing a legal battle with the estate of Elvis Presley.

The Aberdeenshire firm launched its grapefruit and blood orange Elvis Juice IPA in 2015 which has gone on to become one of its top sellers.

Lawyers from the Presley estate were unimpressed and demanded they change the name to comply with trademark law.

Maverick Brewdog founders James Watt and Martin Dickie, responded by claiming the name was not exclusive and changed their names to Elvis by deed poll.

They said there should be  “a little less conversation and more time enjoying our beer”.

But those responsible for managing the late singer’s name and likeness said the name of the beer breached its rights.


Elvis Presley Enterprises earns millions of dollars every year and said drinkers could mistakenly believe that the beer was endorsed by the organisation.

The UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO), which rules on trademark disputes, has found in favour of the Elvis estate.

BrewDog will now have to consider changing the name of their beer or apply to the Elvis estate for official permission to use it.

The company has also been ordered to pay the Elvis estate’s £1,500 costs in the case.

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