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Cities to see fall in output

Aberdeen ‘to be hardest hit from Brexit’

Aberdeen: worst affected

Aberdeen and Edinburgh will be among the biggest victims of the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, according to a new report.

The Centre for Cities and the Centre for Economic Performance,  think tank at the London School of Economics, says cities with large highly skilled service sectors will suffer the most, with Aberdeen the biggest casualty and Edinburgh in sixth on the list.

Economic output in Aberdeen is expected to fall by 3.7% in the event of a hard Brexit and Edinburgh by 2.7%.

A soft Brexit would reduce Aberdeen’s decline to  2.1% and Edinburgh to 1.4%.

According to the study, all British cities would suffer a fall in output because of a rise in trade costs.

Shadow Scottish Secretary Lesley Laird MP said:  “This report shows just how reckless the Tories’ Brexit gamble was.

“The absolute priority for our economy now is to ensure we secure an alternative to Theresa May’s damaging Brexit plans.

“There should be a jobs-first Brexit, to ensure that our cities such as Aberdeen and Edinburgh can continue to grow. Jobs, the economy and retaining the benefits of the single market and the customs union are our top priority.  

“Labour is the only party committed to an alternative to Theresa May’s Brexit that will deliver for Scotland’s cities and the whole of the UK.”

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