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Hampden sees deposits and loans rise

Ray EntwistleHampden & Co, the Edinburgh-headquartered Private bank, reported a sharp rise deposits and loans over the past year.

Deposits grew to £143m, an increase of £113m over the year, while loans were £12m higher at £48m.

Ray Entwistle, chairman, said “We are building the bank on the premise that, in an age impersonalised by technology but impacted by financial complexity, personal service remains an important requirement for many.

“We are very pleased with the progress of the bank, and the positive reaction we have received from our clients” 

Income grew to £1.6m (£0.2m 2015), expenditure was £7.9m, down from £8.3m in 2015, leading to a reduced operating loss of £6.3m (8.1m 2015). 

Graeme Hartop, CEO, said: “These are an excellent set of results for such a young bank. Our prudent approach to banking, and the service we offer clients is already translated into an improved financial performance.

“The strength of the bank is fundamentally driven by the quality of our people, and as we continue to attract an excellent calibre of banker to our business, we are accelerating the pace at which we are attracting clients.”

Hampden&Co opened in June 2015 to offer private banking facilities to high net worth clients and has offices in London and Edinburgh.


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