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Newspaper struggles with losses

Guardian to change format to cut costs


Guardian: first issue in Berline format

The Guardian newspaper is expected to change its format to tabloid in a bid to stem losses caused by readers switching from print to online news.

Guardian Media Group (GMG) said last year that it needed to save 20% from cost in order to reduce losses that widened to £62.6m. It is aiming to break even in three years.

The Telegraph announced that an agreement has been reached with Trinity Mirror. The Guardian is the only national title to use the Berliner format which is longer than tabloid but narrower than broadsheet. It spent £50m on Berliner presses only 12 years ago and  a further £30m on printworks in London and Manchester.

The Guardian owner The Scott Trust has denied that it intends to shut down its print operations entirely, following a similar decision by The Independent last year.

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