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ESpark founder pens hit

Duffy’s Create Special picks up honour

Jim DuffyJim Duffy, co-founder of Entrepreneurial Spark, has seen his debut book Create Special named WH Smith’s Business Book of the Month.

Create Special aims to inspire anyone to skill up whatever stage they are at in business or life.

The book already topped the business bestsellers in its first week on Amazon. 

It received widespread praise from the business community. Founder of Poundland, Steven Smith said: “What can take you years and years of experience you can learn in a few hours reading this book.”

Bill Morrow, Chairman and Founder of said: “Jim has helped more businesses than the Yellow Pages and his passion is infectious. 

“He is a tough-love, take-no-prisoners, not-here-to-be-your-friend kinda guy and this book remains true to this, served up with humility and a keen business mind and presented in a style that everyone can relate to. 

“This is a must-read for anyone stuck in a rut in a business or unsure where to start a business or how to raise money and stay in business.”

Jim said: “This book is for anyone who wants to leave a dent in the world. There is nothing more powerful and meaningful to you than your own mindset.”

Daily Business published a series of extracts from Create Special. (click here)


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