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Kitchen jobs for former offenders

Jordan Docherty, Paul Carberry and Daniel McLaughlin

A chef was so impressed with the cooking skills of two young offenders that he offered them both a job in his restaurant.

Jordan Docherty and Daniel McLaughlin, who spent time in prison, were part of a team which delivered a six course meal for diners at the annual Yes Chef! dinner at Glasgow’s Hilton. 

Their enthusiasm captured the eye of Kained Holdings’ development chef Scott Leask, who was working with pair to train them for the event. 

He said: “This proves that if you have a willingness to change, doors aren’t closed. I have been so impressed by the effort of both Jordan and Daniel, they’ll be brilliant additions to the team at Kained.

“There’s no telling where they may go with their careers. I have very high hopes for them. Without the Yes Chef! programme I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet them so I am extremely glad Kained Holdings is so heavily involved.”

Yes Chef! is a 12-week programme run by Action for Children Scotland’s Moving On Scotland service. It helps rehabilitate young offenders into their local communities, with 81% of participants not returning to prison.

Paul Carberry, director of Action for Children in Scotland, said: “We are incredibly proud that young men who have come through this year’s Yes Chef programme will enter full-time careers in the hospitality sector.

“We are grateful to Kained Holdings’ MD Graham Suttle and development chef Scott for their support and for offering the young men employment.

“These guys just needed someone to believe in them and give them a chance. It is fantastic that Kained Holdings have given them just that.”

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