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Friday’s headlines: first show for new CBI boss, big media move…

Daily Business can reveal that the next CBI Scotland director will make her first appearance today..  and we have news of a big media move… there is a statement from John Menzies on its troubled tie-up with DX… a big new supermarket deal for four gin distillers...and what have the Edinburgh trams done for house prices?

While some news outlets yesterday relied on press handouts Daily Business reported live from yesterday’s bank meetings….our top read items…and the EIE17 conference…with our feature on Silicon Valley Scot Duncan Logan... stick with the service that gets close to the action…See reports on all three below..

Daily Business is pleased to announce that top columnist Rab McNeil will be joining our growing list of contributors…look out for his debut article next week

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+ First show: The next CBI Scotland director will be its first female and she will make her first appearance with members today

+ Trams / housing: How have house prices been influenced by Edinburgh’s tram service? New data released this morning + latest on wider Edinburgh property market… 

+ Media: A senior journalist in the north-east is moving to a new project being headed by a former Trinity Mirror executive

+ Merger: Menzies chairman has this morning issued a statement ahead of the AGM on the proposed tie-up with a parcels business

+ Food and drink: Supermarket deal for four gin distilleries

+ Property: A central Glasgow office block is to undergo a £5+ makeover to ease the lack of top grade space in the city + new investment in Clyde Gateway project + lettings in Cumbernauld

+ Wrapped up: Nucleus Financial, the wrap platform, has reported figures for the year

RBS: bank defends legal action…the new pay structure…branch closures…and chairman has a message for nationalists

Lloyds Bank:: chairman makes pledge to learn from mistakes and issues a promise to victims of the Reading scandal

EIE17: Duncan Logan is the rocket man who left Scotland for Silicon Valley. He’s been talking to tech start-ups… we have a full acount and pix

Appointments: Gilson Gray + Henderson Loggie + Johnston Carmichael + MMS + other hires and promotions

Catch up…

BT blow: big job cuts announced today as CEO pays penalty for the Italian scandal

Labour leak: The party’s manifesto has been leaked and it reveals a long list of pledges…

Merger fees: Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management have revealed the eye-watering fees being to advisers, including multi-million pound payments to PR agencies

Comment – Terry Murden: What should we make of Labour’s manifesto? Why has there been a slump in start-ups?

Aegon: Chief executive Adrian Grace has hailed a new milestone for the  Edinburgh pensions company

Expenses verdict: Prosecutors have ruled on the allegations of expenses fraud by Tory MPs in the 2015 election… Story here 

Food and drink: An initiative to help producers has been unveiled

Property: A letting agent has been appointed for a key part of the Dundee Waterfront development

+ Space: How an East Lothian businessman had an out of this world experience at an event in the US

Sport – rugby: The draw has been made for the rugby world cup in Japan in two years time and we have full reaction from new Scotland coach Gregor Townsend

Sport – golf: Paul Kiddie reports on a new golf academy for Scotland

Standard Life/Aberdeen: full details on the plan, including board changes

+ Comment: Life just won’t be the same as Standard Life/Aberdeen merger looms

Oil and gas: Aberdeen company increases stake in gas field

RBS: The bank continues to shrink and has unveiled more job cuts

+ Transparent energy: A new energy company promising price transparency and free shares for customers has reached another milestone

Champions needed: A business lobby group is demanding action to give business a greater say in decision making

Technology: SMEs are being invited to supply innovative solutions to public sector services and the next phase of the government-led CivTech programme is being rolled out. Here’s the detail

Food and drink: A Scottish hotel and a top chef will be showcasing suppliers’ produce next month. Find out more here

Energy deal: A Scottish energy company is hoping for huge benefits after signing a JV in the Middle East

Business tourism: The latest ranking of top city locations for conferences has been published

Enterprise: a new enterprise and innovation hub has been unveiled in partnership with a Scots university

Awards: An Edinburgh apartment is celebrating its success in the Scottish Hotel of the Year Awards

Daily Business Magazine

Getting vocal: Stressed out? Ever tried joining a choir? Pauline Taylor talks to those who have found their voice outside work

Food and drink: John Lewis has invested in a new cafe with panoramic views. Daily Business paid a visit

Create Special: Catch up on our exclusive extracts from Entrepreneurial Spark co-founder Jim Duffy’s new book on start-ups

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