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Faster rate of home building in Fife

housebuildingHomes are being built in Fife at their fastest rate since the 2008 downturn, according to new data.

The Fife Housing Survey for April reveals that 1,285 homes were built during 2016-17, an increase of 43% on the previous year.

Fife Council, which commissions the survey, said this suggests that the region’s house building industry is “finally showing signs of leaving behind the economic downturn and recession of 2008”.

This is the first year since the recession that more 1,200 homes have been completed.

The new accommodation is split evenly between the council and housing associations at 48%, and the private sector at 52%. About 70% of completions were houses, and 30% flats.

Land use was also fairly even, with 51% of homes built on greenfield land and 49% on brownfield land.

Robin Presswood, Fife Council’s head of economy, planning and employability services, said: “I am greatly encouraged by the performance of the house building industry this year.

“Although the production of new homes is some way away from pre-recession levels, the corner has been turned and we are working hard to nurture and sustain this growth.”

He said that land for development immediately is available for about four years at the current rates.

The Central Fife area seen the biggest increase 2016-17, with 270 more homes built here than in the previous year, and a total of 465 completions. The Dunfermline and West Fife area seen a total of 573 completions, maintaining its position as Fife’s most productive area for new housing over the last decade.

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