Backlash against independence

Tories poised to recapture Scots heartlands

Theresa May announces General Election

The Conservatives are on course to recapture Scottish seats, according to a new poll which confirms recent predictions of a surge in support for the party north of the border.

A rise in Tory support will be a blow to SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon who has built her campaign for a second independence referendum around a ‘democratic deficit’ represented by the Tories’ lack of presence north of the border.

A YouGov survey has found that Theresa May’s party could see its share of the vote rise from 15% in 2015 to 28%, which would turn its single Westminster seat to eight.

The Tories may reclaim constituencies not held for 25 years — including Moray, now held by Angus Robertson, the SNP’s deputy leader, in Moray.

Others include Aberdeen South, Aberdeen West and Kincardine, as well as Berwickshire, Roxburghe and Selkirk.

Other seats it may win are Dumfries and Galloway, Perth and North Perthshire, and East Renfrewshire.

Other polls in the past week have pointed to a rise in support for the Conservative party as a backlash to independence gathers pace.

One poll predicted that the party may win as many as 12 seats in Scotland.

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