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Thursday’s business, political and sports headlines

Our story on late payments to SMEs was the top read story yesterday and clearly reflects continuing concern over this issue…it comes as a new survey points to rising confidence (see below) but also issues a cautious outlook… we take a look at the change of editor at The Scotsman… and report from Tynecastle where Ann Budge has been clearing up a few issues

The Daily Business Magazine reports on the launch of a Glasgow bar with a difference that hopes to be a big draw..

Today’s news and catch up…

+ Confidence rising: A new survey on the SME sector offers some hope and a little caution..

+ Media / Comment: A new editor for The Scotsman…but the paper’s owner wants him to keep an eye on another title

+ Jobs: Better news on the unemployment front

+ Road ready: The M8’s missing link is close to being opened

+ Sport: Hearts owner Ann Budge issued a robust statement yesterday…commenting on Craig Levein’s role and the club’s plans for the early weeks of next season

+ ICAS: Tax leader hired by accountancy body

+ Enterprise: Activity centre plans diversification into hospitality and conferences

Daily Business Magazine:

+ Kitchen draw: A bar with a difference as Dougal Sharp celebrates another opening

Leadership: US speaker Michael Anderson believes that creating a better relationship with ourselves can help us become better leaders 

Foxy food: Pauline Taylor visits a popular inn in Fife to sample the lunchtime menu

Happy accident: The Candy Bar proved to be a surprise hit

Style: An Edinburgh retailer is upholding the tailoring tradition and is about to launch in Glasgow…Daily Business Magazine gets the inside story at Walker Slater 

Recharging the batteries: Ever felt you’ve hit a wall? Lost your mojo? Jacqueline Brown talks about the growth of motivational coaching 

Catch up on top stories from yesterday’s Daily Business..

+ Late payment: Latest data reveals the extent of one of the biggest problems facing SMEs

Goodwin in court: A date has been set for the former CEO of RBS to make a rare public appearance when he appears in court + a private shareholders group wants the current chairman to step down

Retail float: Daily Business has learned that a Scottish retailer is looking at financing options which may include a flotation

Scots acquisition: A Scottish engineering company has acquired a business in the US

Latest appointments: ICAS + Morton Fraser + Hall Morrice + SwarmOnline + other latest hires and promotions

Media: Daily Business has launched a new features and opinion website…full details here

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