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Commitment 'not as strong as hoped'

Homes group attacks government over failed pledge

Tammy Adams
Tammy Adams: call for safeguards

House builders have accused the Scottish Government of failing to meet the commitments it made to build more homes.

In its latest response to new planning guidelines, trade body Homes for Scotland says “it has never been harder to open sites and get homes out of the ground.”

A review of planning has just gone out for consultation but Home for Scotland director of planning Tammy Adams said: “We are extremely disappointed with the package of proposals.”

She said Homes for Scotland will continue to press for the current system to be tightened up.

Despite an improving market home builders are “increasingly struggling” to secure planning permission for new sites, she said.

“The planning review proposals contain no clear and targeted measures to address the real issues with development plans and development management processes.

“As we move towards the Planning Bill, due later this year, it is less clear than ever how the Scottish Government intends to find planning system solutions to increase the number of new homes being built.

“The focus on home building that was clear when the planning review was first launched in 2015 has been lost, with too many radical reforms sought across potentially conflicting agendas.

“The political commitment to meeting Scotland’s housing needs across all tenures is not as strong as we had hoped.”


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