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Building floristry into a blooming business

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Florists: take advantage of the low pound (contributed)

After the Brexit vote there hasn’t been a better time to take advantage of the low pound. For one sector it could mean business literally blooming.

Currently, 97% of all the flowers sold in the UK are imported and that makes it a great time for florists to make the most of the exchange rate.

Florists should see this as the perfect opportunity to build a loyal customer base that sees regular shoppers coming back.

Together with Indifresh, stockists of roses wholesale, we’ve put together this useful guide to building a floristy business:

Never forget your existing customers

Your existing customers are what separate you from the rest of your competition and you should take steps to make sure they continue to feel comfortable coming into your shop.

Here are some quick and easy things that you can do:

  • Once a customer has bought some flowers or other items, send them a handwritten note to thank them, or give them a call to personally thank them. Remember, every customer is different – so you’ll need to make sure you know your customer well before you do this.

  • Always be honest and sincere with every customer you meet. This will make for a more personal experience for every customer, as they know you’re trying to meet all of their needs in a friendly way.

  • For truly loyal customers, give them the chance to take advantage of sale prices before the public; you could host this event during a wine and cheese evening or another type of social event to interact more personally with your customers.

  • Start an emailing list, including customer details such as their birthday so that you can send personalised emails to recipients encouraging them to visit your florist due to appealing in-store offers.

Host events in your flower shop

Events are a great way of letting your customers know that you don’t just want their money, as it is an experience that they can’t buy in-store or during your normal working hours. By advertising events in the local press and online, you can help to generate a local community atmosphere surrounding your florists – making it more memorable within the local community.


Workshops are a great kind of event to host; they engage customers and educate them about your floral products. Host an event seasonally, at Christmas, during the spring, summer and autumn,  to showcase our seasonally-driven products. Through word of mouth, the customers you invite will want to share their flower designs on social media. If they mention your brand, then this is free advertising.

Partner with others in the industry

You could host an expert florist session one evening and advertise this in-store as a Q&A with customers – or you could set up a designer showcase one evening involving some of the best up and coming talent within the industry. This type of event shows that you are a leading florist and that you and your staff are passionate about what you do. By doing so, you are also drawing more traffic to your business together with a host of like-minded individuals, ready to spread the word about the unique experiences that customers can take advantage of in-store.

Start from the outside in

When you’re inside your own store all day, it can be hard to remember sometimes that the first thing a customer can see is the outside.

Always work from the outside in; within pedestrianised areas you become aware of who is passing your store – so make sure that those walking past regularly will think your store-front looks attractive and inviting. Ask yourself, are passers-by window shopping? If they’re not, then you’ll probably need to re-evaluate your window displays and determine whether they’re fit for purpose. Remember to make sure your flowers are on display outside too – use hanging baskets, pots and other bedding plants to ensure that your shop is a botanical wonderland from the outside in.

There are many other ways that you can make your store a friendly, inviting and exciting place to shop for flowers. Just always remember that your store should reflect your passion for flowers and the industry above all else. If you can do this, then your customers are sure to become passionate too.

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