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Row over 'bullying' tactics

Brewer in the doghouse over plan to own punk

Punk: fans say no one can own the word

BrewDog is back in the doghouse after unleashing a volley of criticism for more heavy-handed marketing tactics.

The self-styled maverick brewer has already been forced to make amends with a Midlands pub over its lawyer’s attempts to stop it using the name Lone Wolf.

Now it finds itself under attack over its attempts to own the word “punk”.

The global punk community has posted a letter on a music website ordering it “cease and desist” and accusing the north east company of ‘bullying tactics’.

letter to BrewDog
Letter to BrewDog

The open letter, which was posted on, states that the brewer is not the owner of the word “punk” and that it should stop trying to prevent others from using it.

In the letter, which has been signed by bands from all over the world, the writers say that “one thing punk is not is a bully” and that the “intimidation of smaller firms” by Brewdog “goes against everything punk stands for”.

It concludes by saying: “If you [BrewDog] continue in this vein your punk credentials will be revoked and you will be called upon to cease and desist.”

The letter has then been backed by hundreds of bands from around the world including Oi Polloi, Slaves and Capdown.

BrewDog tried to stop a Midlands couple calling their pub Lone Wolf, which is the name of BrewDog’s spirits business, but it later said its lawyers had been too “trigger happy”.

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