Project on hold

£100m Glasgow plan stalls over planning objection

Glasgow Harbour

A £100 million investment on Glasgow’s riverside has been delayed after a city councillor led objections to the waving of a contribution by the developer.

Peel Holdings were hoping to go ahead with the latest phase of the Glasgow Harbour development

Martin Bartos, a Scottish Green councillor who is standing down at next monty’s elections,

He raised objections to the council waving a £2.6m contribution by Peel towards the proposed Clyde Fastlink to offset the £25m cost of work incurred by the company on nearby road, rail and pedestrian services.

Although his motion was backed by SNP councillors it is thought the plan will be approved when it returns to the council.

A spokesman for Peel said: “We have already, by some margin, contributed more to the public coffers in Glasgow than any other private developer, and we trust that, once this is taken into account by councillors, they will review their positions at this month’s planning meeting.”

> The developer behind plans for a major regeneration project in Aberdeen that would have included 450 student beds and a 193-bed hotel has pulled out of the scheme.

Atholl Square Developments had agreed to buy Atholl House, a 53,625 sq ft office building in the city centre. It wanted to demolish it to make way for three towers.

However, the developer has now abandoned the purchase, and the building’s owner CLS Holdings is marketing the office to let.

The news of the failed sale comes at a turbulent time for the Aberdeen market, caused by a slump in oil prices last year.  Office investment slumped from £500m in 2015 to £19m last year.

The city council said that the Atholl Square project had suffered a setback but insisted a solution would be found.

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