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Daily Business’s exclusive news of Bruce Walker’s WATF merger plans was the top read yesterday (see below) as Scotland’s leading online business news service continues to enjoy the highest readership figures at the start of a week this year.

Daily Business was the only media at last night’s PR agency relaunch (see below) …

Today there is news of a battle over a TV football deal and we’re expecting a verdict in the Rangers ‘big tax case’ (see below)…the Bank of England meets to discuss interest rates after last night’s Fed decision..we have international market reaction and an update on how the markets have moved this morning…and the latest City results..

All the breaking news , opinion and analysis you need throughout the day as it happens …

+ TV sport: A battle for broadcast rights to Scottish football is looming 

+ Telecoms: A Scottish company has been handed the baton to make sure an inaugural European Championship runs smoothly in Glasgow next year

+ Economy: The Bank of England interest rate setters meet today following an uplift in the US yesterday. We have the latest market reaction

+ Rangers: The ‘big tax case’ is being heard in the Supreme Court and a verdict is expected today

+ Agency relaunch: A Scots PR agency has rebranded and relocated. Daily Business joined last night’s party

+ Funding drama: One of Scotland’s top theatres needs £25m to save it

+ Food and drink: A collection of rare whisky is to go under the hammer and could raise half a million pounds…

+ Results round-up: Argos boosts Sainsbury’s; Balfour Beatty returns to profit

U-turn: The chancellor Philip Hammond has performed an embarrassing u-turn on NI contributions – we have reaction from business and tax expert about what he should do next

Jobless: Some better news for the Scottish government in today’s unemployment figures

+ Gold plan: A Scottish gold mining company’s chairman has put up a £1m loan to the business. We find out why

Property: A property investor has let two big units on a city industrial estate

Enterprise: Daily Business has learned that a key player in organising entrepreneurial functions is in talks about a merger

Appointments: RGU + Pinsent Masons + Loganair + Henderson Loggie + Morton Fraser + Savills + MacRoberts +  other latest hires and promotions

Board coup: Five directors of a Scottish oil company have been voted off the board

+ Share sale: The Treasury has been offloading more bank shares

Law: Two small Scots law firms have unveiled a merger

Uni hire: An oil and gas veteran has become chairman of a university board of governors

Airline recruits: Scots airline Loganair has made two key appointments

Surveyor: New role for veteran valuer

Partner for law firm: A new partner at Pinsent Masons also marks a milestone for the firm

Oil leader: A subsea company has unveiled a new managing director

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