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Health drive on soft drinks

More flavour for Irn-Bru as owner cuts sugar content

Irn-Bru is undergoing a ‘reformulation’ to remove most its sugar content and add more of its ‘secret’ flavouring.

AG Barr said more than 90% of its company owned soft drinks portfolio by volume will contain less than 5g of total sugar per 100ml by the autumn of this year.

The company says the changes are “in line with changing consumer tastes and preferences.”

Roger White, chief executive at AG Barr, said: “Evidence shows that consumers want to reduce their sugar intake while still enjoying great tasting drinks. 

“We’ve responded by significantly reducing sugar across our portfolio in recent years, through reformulation and innovation.

“Today’s announcement builds on this progress and we are now expanding our successful sugar reduction plans to include our iconic Irn-Bru brand.

“We’ve worked hard… using more of the secret Irn-Bru flavour essence, but with less sugar.

We have been making some of the nation’s favourite soft drinks for over 100 years. 

“We will continue to respond to our consumers and adapt to their changing preferences, offering great tasting products that are right for this generation of consumers and the next.”

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