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New talks over power sharing

May insists Brexit negotiations will be as ‘one UK’

Theresa May

May: need to stick together

Prime Minister Theresa May today said her views on a second independence referendum for Scotland had not changed, and that she hoped to negotiate a Brexit deal that would benefit the whole of the UK.

During a visit to Scotland two days ahead of triggering Article 50 to signal Britain’s withdrawal from the EU, she said the nations of the United Kingdom were an “unstoppable force” when they acted together.

Mrs May, who met Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon in a Glasgow hotel, said the UK was “a force for good, helping to build a better future for everyone”.

In a speech in East Kilbride, the Prime Minister added: “As we look to that future and as we face this great national moment together, I hope you will continue to play your part in the great national effort we need to build the stronger Britain, the fairer Britain, the more outward-looking Britain and the more united Britain that I am determined we should be once we emerge from this period of national change.”

Ahead of her meeting with Ms Sturgeon, she repeated her recent statements on a second independence poll: “Now is not the time to be talking about a second independence referendum and that’s for a couple of reasons.

“First of all, now is the point when we are triggering Article 50, we’re starting negotiations for leaving the European Union. Now is the time when we should be pulling together, not hanging apart. Pulling together to make sure we get the best possible deal for the whole of the UK.”

Mrs May said there have been “considerable discussions” with the Scottish government and the UK’s other devolved administrations over the Brexit talks, although Ms Sturgeon insists that Downing Street has “not moved one inch”.

Mrs May has also said previously that there are areas where the UK and Scottish governments are in agreement, such as workers’ rights.

It is thought that she gave similar assurances to Ms Sturgeon during their talks today, though it was not likely to quell calls by the SNP for a second vote on independence.

Ms Sturgeon had expected to hear of new powers being devolved to Scotland and there were no commitments from the Prime Minister.

From yesterday’s Daily Business

May to offer Holyrood deal to defuse indyref call

Theresa May will attempt to defuse the stand-off between Downing Street and Holyrood by offering Scotland new temporary powers that she hopes will weaken calls for a second independence referendum

Mrs May is believed to have scheduled a meeting with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon for tomorrow (Monday) and is thought to be prepared to offer assurances on protecting the rights of EU nationals, among other measures, as the UK severs ties with the bloc.

The Prime Minister’s meeting will come two days before she formally triggers Article 50, informing the European Council that the UK is leaving the EU. It is also just a day ahead of a resumed debate in the Scottish parliament on an another independence referendum.

The Holyrood debate was suspended following last week’s terror attack in London, and on Tuesday the Greens are expected to back the SNP’s call for a section 30 order which would transfer referendum holding powers from Westminster to Holyrood.

Mrs May has repeatedly called for both governments to work together to achieve the best possible post-Brexit deal and according to Scotland on Sunday this will form the basis of her talks with the First Minister.

They will also discuss the Great Repeal Bill, reversing the 1970s legislation which took the UK into the EU. It will come before Westminster on Thursday and will see the repatriation of powers from Brussels to the UK.

This is a key source of conflict between the Holyrood and Westminster, although Mrs May has said that more powers would be devolved to the nations and regions of the UK.

A white paper will set out how the supremacy of EU law is ended and control over UK law is returned to Westminster, the Scottish Parliament, the Welsh Assembly and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

A UK government source said: “Next week we will get on with the job, and set out the steps we will take to ensure control of our laws lies in London, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.”

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38 Comments to May insists Brexit negotiations will be as ‘one UK’

  1. J R Tomlin says:

    What a pusillanimous, dishonest comment that ‘Ms Mrs May has repeatedly called for both governments to work together…” when until the threat of an independence referendum was brought home she REFUSED to work with them or negotiate at all.

    • Terry Murden, Editor says:

      In her speech to the recent Scottish Conservative conference, Mrs May said: “Our aim will be to achieve the most effective arrangements to maintain and strengthen the United Kingdom, while also respecting the devolution settlements, and we will work constructively with the devolved administrations on that basis.”

      • Gerry Imrie says:

        The First Minister of Scotland has stated on several occasions May has refused to move an inch on any negotiations, you have chosen to ignore this which is dishonest and May has stated she would be taking back devolved powers i.e. fishing rights which underpinns this dishonest biased commentary, totally undermining your credibility.

        • Terry Murden, Editor says:

          Daily Business has reported extensively on Nicola Sturgeon’s comments, including her offer of talks and a full transcript of her speech at Bute House calling for a second referendum

      • Andrew Sharp says:

        There’s been very little evidence of constructive discussion with any of the devolved bodies, far less the Scottish government. This latest statement by the Prime Minister appears to offer ‘temporary powers’, (that is the kind that can and will be taken away), in return for acceptance of Brexit. Let’s face it, after David Cameron’s post referendum (the Scottish one, you know) speech, there is very little reason to trust any promises emanating from Downing Street, or Gordon Brown for that matter.

      • J R Tomlin says:

        Talk is cheap when you don’t follow it up with action. She has not.

      • Dave Hay says:

        It will be quite a u-turn for May to offer (or even negotiate) anything with anyone. The huge majority of her speeches so far have been confrontational and autocratic. This is her true nature as we have seen from her time on the Home Office. Sturgeon would do well not to trust anything May says.

    • Robin Stevenson says:

      Spot on, May’s hand has been forced and her complacency has led to this desperate attempt tp appease The Scottish Government. Too little too late, the genie’s out of the bottle and independence is now inevitable.

    • Cath says:

      What she means is, she’s repeatedly told Scotland to shut up and eat its cereal. That’s her definition of “calling on them to work together” – do as you’re told.

    • Campbell scott says:

      Smacks of desperation. Let’s face it, whatever lies spill forth will come with a get-out clause after any vote while May plays the martyr until then.

      Her party got the UK into this mess to placate a handful of her own bigots and now she realises that Srurgeon isn’t just going to roll over. Hardly surprising when May has treated the Scottish government and other devolved administrations with nothing but contempt .

  2. Rod Robertson says:

    Too little ,too late you had your chance Section30 order NOW!,

  3. here we go again more lies and false promises

  4. Walter says:

    Too late, you aren’t negotiating away our assets to protect the city. We’ve had enough broken promises, we’re staying in the EU.

  5. Gerald Robertson says:

    I wouldn’t trust her as far as I could throw her another load of lies handed to to you with one hand and taken away with the other while the ink is still wet.

  6. Steven MacRae says:

    “Mrs May has repeatedly called for both governments to work together to achieve the best possible post-Brexit deal…”

    A Bit disingenuous, considering the wall of silence regarding significant announcements so far. IT is hardly working together when Holyrood finds out about highly significant milestones such as the date SECtion 30 is to be triggered, via the media.

  7. Piers Doughty-Brown says:

    “Mrs May has repeatedly called for both governments to work together to achieve the best possible post-Brexit deal and according to Scotland on Sunday this will form the basis of her talks with the First Minister”????? Really? as I recall Nicola Sturgeon was ignored and excluded throughout the Brexit run up?

  8. Grant says:

    So Mrs May will offer Mrs Sturgeon a deal which will amount to “you can watch me pee”, we are not so daft.

  9. Maureen Luby says:

    “Mrs May has repeatedly called for both governments to work together to achieve the best possible post-Brexit deal…” – this is completely untrue. Theresa May has completely ignored Holyrood, Stormont and the Welsh Assembly.
    There is nothing she can offer that would make a blind bit of difference as we know Westminster will say anything to hold onto the cash cow that is Scotland. Only two and a half years have passed since the infamous ‘vow’ that Scotland would be the most devolved parliament in the world and our memories are not that short.

    • Terry Murden, Editor says:

      At the recent Scottish Conservative conference Mrs May said: “Our aim will be to achieve the most effective arrangements to maintain and strengthen the United Kingdom, while also respecting the devolution settlements, and we will work constructively with the devolved administrations on that basis.”

      • Valerie says:

        Yeah, but that statement has proven to be bull. The Scottish gov’t produced a very detailed paper prior to Xmas, 2016.
        There has been no response to that paper.

        Sturgeon has been clear that joint meetings have produced nothing. Calling the independence referendum is an act of protection.

        The recent announcement of 29 Mar, as the date to trigger A50, wasn’t even notified to any devolved administration, as even a courtesy.

        The sooner people realise this Tory gov’t does exactly as it wishes, with no mandate, the sooner they wake up.

  10. Colin N says:

    After the lame promises last time surely the Scots cant believe there will be jam tomorrow. Its lies just like the lies last time.

  11. John Bradley says:

    too late. and dont even bother to reply to her Nicola, ignore her as she did you

  12. Michael B says:

    Personally I’ve had enough of people linked to Westminster offering new powers, the Scotland Bill wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on and everything the Tories offer is guaranteed to have a massive catch which will be used against Scotland. It’s how these sociopaths work.

    The UK is in its death throes, they cannot continue to have a centralised government which ignores the other members of the union just to suit their core support in Southern England. Devolution isn’t enough when the right wing government, which the majority of Scotland rejected, continue to chase an entirely unnecessary ideology which harms us.

  13. Vince Diaz says:

    AN ANGRY Nicola Sturgeon emerged from Downing Street yesterday and told of her deep frustration at Theresa May’s stance on Brexit negotiations.

    After two hours of talks the First Minister declared she “did not know any more about the UK Government approach than I did before I went into the meeting”.

    Sturgeon said there had been a “frank exchange of views” in a “feisty” encounter with the Prime Minister.

  14. Shimon de Valencia says:

    And again, the promises and obfuscation designed to stall moves for Scotland exercising it’s will until the can lock us into their straight jacket. We’ve seen and heard all of this before. We are not buying the latest con. You can keep your glass beads and blankets. We are ready to take our place again as a European nation. Our friends south of the border can follow the Tories off whatever cliff they feel like jumping from. And I wish them all the luck in the world. They’ll need it.

  15. Andy says:

    Nothing short of independence, May has shown her arrogant disregard for Scotland and the Scots for the last time, nothing she says can be believed.

  16. V Rose says:

    So when T May failed to notify the devolved government of Date of Article 50 that was part of her speech “We will work constructively with the devolved administrations on that basis.”

  17. Bil Irving says:

    The government source misspelled “London”. Three times. Doesn’t exactly bode well…

  18. Ron Pirrie says:

    Beads for the natives… worthless.

  19. davmacs says:

    More empty promises, lies and deception. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. How many times will Scots allow themselves to be fooled by these lying toe rags. Independence is the only way for Scotland now.

  20. Ian Stewart says:

    I really think Ms May needs to first respond to the Scottish Government paper on Brexit before offering any deal. That would be a good start. To any talks (facepalm)

  21. karen grubb says:

    The Scottish Conference was after the announcement by Sturgeon that she wanted another Indy ref, repeatedly posting ““Our aim will be to achieve the most effective arrangements to maintain and strengthen the United Kingdom, while also respecting the devolution settlements, and we will work constructively with the devolved administrations on that basis” is not proof of her working with them, her words are not proof of a commitment to working with the devolved administrations – they are proof of her trying to shut Scotland’s voice down once it has had enough of her ignoring them (as these new “temporary powers” also are.

  22. Gordon Anderson says:

    You repeating the same statement is not the same as Mrs May “repeatedly calling for both governments to work together” when the fact is she repeatedly ignored attempts by Nicola Sturgeon for the governments to work together.

  23. Dee Edgar says:

    Same old, same old. How long will it take for Scotland to wise up, Ms May will give nothing that cannot be taken away and if we’re not carefull we could loose everything including our devolved parliament. The only way to safegaurd Scotland is through independence either by referendum or if it is still not the time then UDI lets severe the ties that are binding us.

  24. Mark says:

    YAWN….Don’t bother May-hem. We have heard all your false promises before. Maybe some of your Yoon idiots will believe your nonsense but anyone with a very short memory knows how much Westminsters word is worth. May-hem knows that her Brexit negotiations will be worthless without Scotland’s assets which she will lose during Indyref2. The Tories have a major flap on, Irish reunification and Scottish Independence will be driven by this perfect storm of Brexit and the coming decades of Tory destruction. The time is right for us, contrary to what this evil bitch says and she knows it. The UK national debt is spiralling out if control skywards. Tories have more than doubled it, pushing austerity whilst giving tax breaks to thier rich donors and friends. Privitisation of national assets and stripping them for cash, Royal Mail and NHS are classic examples of their tirade. Who in their right mind would opt for this crazy uncertainty that is coming with them. All of the press is owned by rich Tory donors, remember that. STV, SKY and BBC news are nothing but Westminster propaganda iutlers. A bright awaits us, if we just have the courage to choose it. YES to making our own decisions that benefit all not the greedy rich

  25. Dave Sneddon says:

    New powers you say? Well I am sure that will be not at all like 1979 or 2014 when that promise was made to avert an independence vote and then not fulfilled.

  26. V Rose says:

    So…you were saying about the Temp powere May was going to offer today??? 🙂

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