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New investment on the cards

Is BrewDog heading for a £300m IPO?

Brewdog has built a reputation as a maverick business that refuses to play by the rules. It even hired a helicopter to drop stuffed fat cats over the City. However, it may finally be bowing to pressure to conform.

The Aberdeenshire company is close to landing a new investor and is even said to be considering an IPO, a process that would have be pursued to the letter.

In a circular to shareholders it says it has been in talks with a number of potential investors and is now in discussions with one in particular. It does not provide a name.

A year ago, co-founder James Watt, tweeted that a number of big brewery companies were showing interest in the business. He said: “Bigger companies want to buy BrewDog. Go away silly big companies. BrewDog is not sale. Especially not to you.”

However, Watt and his partner Martin Dickie are not just about gimmicks. They have out-smarted rivals and critics to build a substantial business and they have raised some serious money, including $50m to expand in the US.

A crowdfunding exercise in April 2016 offered investors shares at £47.50 per share, valuing the company at £300m. A beer bond issued in December raised £1m overnight.

We’re told that any new investment will be capped at 30%, so that no one outsider gets to control the business.





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