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Energy firm expands

Green Cat Renewables blows into Canada

Green Cat Renewables
Green Cat Renewables

Green Cat Renewables, the Scottish energy firm, is expanding into North America with the launch of a Calgary office.

It will provide development support and consultancy services for renewable energy projects across Western Canada.

The new Canadian venture will draw on Green Cat’s experience of the renewables market in the UK, spanning 12 years, and 700MW+ of renewable energy projects.

Director of the Biggar-based business, Gavin Catto, said: “Green Cat Renewables has built up a strong business in the medium scale renewable energy industry in the UK.

“As the UK market matured, and opportunities for expansion became tougher, we began looking for new markets where we could apply our skill base and continue to develop the business.

“We identified Canada as an emerging market for medium and community scale projects with strong cultural and trade links with the UK.  This is an exciting opportunity for the business to begin its next chapter.”

Stephanie Ewing, former head of planning and environmental for GCR in the UK, will relocate to Calgary to head up the office, in the role of Vice President.

Over the last year, she has led international business development initiatives, identifying Western Canada – and specifically the province of Alberta – as an area with potential for significant renewables growth

She said: “This is a hugely exciting time to be involved in the renewables sector in Western Canada.

“In Alberta, the government has committed to an additional 5GW of renewables by 2030.

“Being in Canada gives us the opportunity to share our experiences and lessons learned from the Scottish market, where we saw a similar level of renewable generation capacity added in the last decade.

“In the wake of the U-turns from the UK government on support for renewables, and a lack of direction on the future strategy for low-carbon energy in the UK, it is enormously refreshing to be involved, once again, in a market which is committed to making clear, positive steps forward, to cutting carbon emissions.”

Engineering project manager David Manderson will also relocate to Canada, and the Canadian office, located at the Global Business Centre in Calgary, will continue to receive specialist project support from the multi-disciplinary team of 50+ technical staff in the UK GCR offices.

Green Cat Renewables was founded in December 2004 by Gavin Catto. The company has offices across Scotland in Biggar, Edinburgh, Livingston and Inverurie.

It was established with an aim of driving down the costs associated with the development of renewables projects and making renewables accessible beyond the large developers and utilities.

Green Cat identified an opportunity to improve efficiency and reduce development costs by offering a complete in-house consultancy and project management service to deliver projects from initial conception to operation. Green Cat’s experience profile includes 500MW+ of wind, 200MW+ of solar and 20MW+ of hydro projects.

Green Cat has two sister companies, Green Cat Contracting and Prelec, both based in Scotland and providing services for renewable energy projects.

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