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Friday’s breaking business news

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Last night we reported that a former bank CEO was ready to swoop on a venerable City firm (confirmed this morning – see below)…while Edinburgh Woollen Mill may also be preparing to buy a high street icon…there is a big property deal looming on Princes St.…a plea from a Westminster committee on a key digital strategy… and is one of Scotland’s top brewers heading for the stock market?

Beware of pretenders….Daily Business has the breaking news, opinion and analysis throughout the day as it happens …

Today’s breaking news highlights….

+ Property: An overseas investor is poised to buy the Jenners building in Edinburgh. We have full details

+ Digital plea: Breaking news on a Lords committee report on the plan to introduce quarterly reporting for SMEs and the self-employed under the Making Tax Digital scheme

+ Retail deal: Is Edinburgh Woollen Mill about to snap up another high street icon?

+ Beer float: Is BrewDog heading for an IPO?

+ Broker deal: A former high street bank CEO has acquired one of the City’s most famous brokers

+ Exports plea: SCDI chairman Michael Urquhart has called for a new strategy on exports

Economy: A new record for the FTSE 100…we have the latest market reaction

+ Politics: John Swinney and Angus Robertson will open the SNP’s conference with defiant messages. Here’s what they will say (updates on this)

+ No deal: Theresa May has given her verdict on the referendum call, marking a new low in Holyrood-Westminster relations (updated)

+ Media: Ofcom has intervened in Rupert Murdoch’s latest takeover approach

+ Headhunters unite: Daily Business revealed the creation of a new recruitment business by two veterans in the sector

+ Small firms funding: A survey has revealed how SMEs plan to finance their growth

+ Ownership: A space technology company is the latest to opt for employee ownership

+ New chair: Edinburgh-based Nucleus Financial has a new chairman

+ Law: A big Scots law firm has unveiled a new partner in its pensions team

+ Media / advertising: The SPT has revealed who will handle the advertising across its network of operations

+ Sport: As Vern Cotter prepares for his last game in charge of the Scotland rugby squad our sports reporter Paul Kiddie looks back on his record

Appointments: Nucleus + Burness Paull + RGU + Ecosse Systems + Pinsent Masons + Loganair + Henderson Loggie + Morton Fraser +  other latest hires and promotions

TV sport: A battle for broadcast rights to Scottish football is looming 

Rangers: The ‘big tax case’ is being heard in the Supreme Court (awaiting verdict)

Agency relaunch: A Scots PR agency has rebranded and relocated. Daily Business joined the party

Funding drama: One of Scotland’s top theatres needs £25m to save it

Food and drink: A collection of rare whisky is to go under the hammer and could raise half a million pounds…

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