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New structure for Altia

Expansion for crime search software firm

Ian Watson AltiaAltia Solutions, which produces criminal investigation and financial analysis software, has set up a new group structure to reflect its expanded operations.

The Glasgow-based company has established Altia-ABM Group following its acquisition last year of ABM Intelligence, a provider of covert and intelligence management software to law enforcement and intelligence agencies across the world.

The combined business has continued to enjoy significant growth which has led to the new group corporate structure.

It will be expanding in Australia, Canada, Central and South America, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and the US.

Ian Watson (pictured), chief executive of Altia-ABM, said the change reflects the progress made in recent years.

“The group has pioneered the creation of tools for law enforcement operations, covert investigations and financial data analysis. We are proud that police forces, tax authorities, law enforcers and intelligence agencies trust and use our technology and services.

“Our recent growth and the number of new customers we have won puts us in a superb position to develop the business even further.”

Altia was established in 2002 in Glasgow and customers in the UK include every British police force, as well as HMRC, the Department of Work & Pensions, the National Crime Agency, Trading Standards, local authorities, the Gambling Commission, forensic accountants and insolvency practitioners.

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