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Friday, March 10th, 2017


Negotiations to begin

May could signal start of EU exit on Tuesday

Theresa May

Prime Minister Theresa May could start the formal process of negotiating Britain’s exit from the European Union as early as this Tuesday…

Budget: Allowances

How tax changes affect investments

Craig Hendry 2

Pre-Budget speculation had widely expected Wednesday’s statement to be a tax raiser in an effort to prepare the UK for the effects of Brexit, ensuring that there is “gas in the tank” in case the economy falters in the future. It was also widely predicted that the Chancellor would again go the pensions’ “well” as tax relief on contributions reportedly costs the Treasury £35 billion per annum. In the end there were few surprises and many of the announcements simply restated what had been proposed in the Autumn Statement. ThisRead More

Pitch Up event

Women offer ‘tsunami of creativity’

Kim Cameron

In the week when International Women’s Day was celebrated globally, an online business came calling in Edinburgh to attract small bespoke entrepreneurs and found that women are at the core of its success…

Budget: Oil and Gas

Budget aims to keep North Sea oil flowing

Hazel Cruickshanks

The Chancellor has responded to a call by the oil & gas industry to resolve tax issues which slow down asset transfers in the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS)…

Surge in profits

Miller Homes reports ‘outstanding year’

Miller Homes

Miller Homes saw a sharp rise in profits in what chief executive Chris Endsor described as “an outstanding year”…

As approval given for floating facility...

Scots wind farm know-how could be sold overseas

Paul Wheelhouse, Start2Scale, VentureFest

Scotland could sell its offshore wind technology into overseas markets, a minister said yesterday…

Boost to competition

BT agrees to separation of Openreach

BT has agreed to Ofcom’s demand for the legal separation of its network division, a move which ..

Delegates hear from war corr

Adie in battle to attend speaking engagement

Kate Adie

Former television war correspondent Kate Adie faced one of her toughest battles – trying to get to a speaking engagement in Edinburgh….