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Members urged to back policy

Scottish Labour to adopt federalism for UK

Kezia Dugdale: (photo by Terry Murden)

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale will today unveil Scottish Labour’s plan for a ‘federal UK’.

A proposal to build federalism into party policy will be put to next weeks’ annual conference in Perth.

Speaking at University College London (UCL) today Ms Dugdale said the country is ‘deeply divided’ and has called for a UK-wide constitutional convention and a new Act of Union. 

The federalism motion, which will be voted on by delegates a week on Friday, states: “Conference believes that a [constitutional] convention will lead to a renewed partnership between Scotland and the other nations of the United Kingdom based on a progressive federal structure for the UK.”

Speaking ahead of the UCL event Brexit, Federalism and Scottish Independence Ms Dugdale said: “It has become clear that our country is not working for working people. Too many feel disenfranchised, disempowered and left behind. The gulf between the government and the governed cannot be allowed to grow further.

“We are firmly opposed to a second independence referendum. We believe that together we’re stronger. Today our country is deeply divided, not just by constitutional politics but by economic inequality.

“So to restore faith in our politics, build a more united society and create an economy that works for working people, I believe that we need to create a more federal UK.

“There should be a People’s Constitutional Convention, made up of citizens from across the United Kingdom, which should report before the next UK General Election. I believe we need a new Act of Union to save our Union for generations to come.”

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